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We spend a lot of our time enjoying various sports. Here are a few with pictures that if you click on the title on the side menu then they get bigger and  you may flip through the larger versions.

  • Bicycling 1
    We have been doing a lot of bicycling these days with trips to Cycle Oregon and biking through the Swiss Alps.
  • Robin on top of Haleakela

    Finishing 'Cycle to the Sun'

    Sunday Group

    East Maui on broken pavement

    Cycle Oregon 09 021

    Cycle Oregon 09 025

We enjoy going to the snow country every winter with lots of trips to Whistler and Banff


robin renting ski

Whistler heli

robin after heli drop

Trudy Alder, Jery and Peter Alder at Whistler

We have gone for three week trips off the coasts of British Columbia and Vancouver Island with friends from Canada.

Lunch stop


Wet night

Johnson Straight

big tide area

another lunch stop

Cortez Area

Nature stop

Did a lot of yoga for a number of years and took long trips to India to study too.




yoga 3

We have done a lot of hiking and climbing in Mauiís jungle with macheteís and ropes.

Rob in sacred pool

Top of Eke crater looking to Haleakela

Debbi and Skip

Robin, JimEd, Kim

Cassidy and Edward

Swinging bridge

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